As well as The Greatest Showman Tribute, A Million Dreams perform other fast-paced uptempo shows. Movie Magic. Take a journey through the world of cinema in two exciting and nostalgic sets with a staggering 10 costume changes.

Complete with rear projection video to enhance the experience.


Featuring hit songs from movies such as The Greatest Showman, Rocketman, The Blues Brothers, Footloose, Moulin Rouge, Dirty Dancing, 9 to 5, Bohemian Rhapsody, Mamma Mia, What's Love Got To Do With It, Mannequin and more! 

There's sure to be something to please everyone.


70's,80's & 90's

A Million Dreams 90's Mix-Fits Show
A Million Dreams 80's Mix-Fits Show
70's MixFits Show Act
A Million Dreams 80's Vs 90's Mix-Fits Show

It's time to pull up those acid wash jeans, adjust those shoulder pads, throw on those leg warmers, put down the diskman and your tamagotchi as we take a step back in time to the 1980's and 1990's.

Two fast-paced 45 min sets featuring hits from your favourite artists Rick Astley, Bananarama, Starship, Jason Donovan, Madonna, Wham, Cyndi Lauper, Steps, Shania Twain, Venga Boys, Ace Of Base, Chesney Hawkes, The Spice Girls, Aqua, Ricky Martin and More!

Also available as individual shows

80's 1 hour Mix-Fits Set or 90's 1 hour Mix-Fits Set

A Million Dreams 90's Mix-Fits Show
A Million Dreams 80's Mix-Fits Show
A Million Dreams 80's vs 90's Mix-Fits Show Poster